RIPE Database

Tue 07 January 2014

In tech.


First you need to create your own Person and Maintener object. Go to the page and fill in the form.

To update your objects, you can use the Webupdates tool at or you can do it by mail.

First you need to create a cert-key and link it to your maintainer object. For an unknown reason I was unable to create my cert-key with the web form. So I sent a mail with a random subject to

password:   ClearPassword
key-cert:   PGPKEY-ID
certif:     -----BEGIN PGP PUBLIC KEY BLOCK-----
certif:     Version: GnuPG v2
certif:     =KXUjfdeFDeDeDFHGJHRFGDFSQ....
certif:     -----END PGP PUBLIC KEY BLOCK-----
mnt-by:     NAME42-MNT
changed: 20140701
source:     RIPE

To get your gpg public key, use:

gpg --export -a ID

Then link your key to your maintainer. For this, add "auth: PGPKEY-ID".

Now you will be able to modify your object by sending it with a signed mail to

When modifiying your maintainer object, you will have two auth fields: one for your password and one for your PGPKEY. The first one is made of an MD5 hash and can't be retrieved with a whois query, you have to compute it yourself. Openssl can do the job:

openssl passwd -1 ClearPassorwd